Saturday, February 27, 2010

You Asked?? The Sky's the Limit

Hello all of you fabulous readers!
If you were following us through our debut year in 2009, you know we
had a regular feature called, "You asked!" These posts were answers to questions
YOU all came up with. Well, guess what? It was such a hit, we decided to do it again.
So! Now that we have all the trauma and drama of our debut year under our belts, we are moving on, many to second and even third books! Most of us have agents, a few do not. Some have sold and/or come out with second (and third!) books, some are still writing those. Some are still doing promotion for that first book, some have cut back to work on a WIP (work-in-progress).
But wherever we are in that spectrum, we all feel blessed to have made it this far;)
So, what would you like to know?
Leave your questions in the comment box (and ask as many as you'd like! They're fat free!). We will gather them up into our special Class of 2k9 Vault and take them out over the course of the year, complete with our various answers.
Thanks for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!
Bev Patt


  1. To those of you moving forward unagented, are you seeking an agent, or are you comfortable with self-representation? I don't have an agent and every minute I can pry away from work is devoted to writing my next book and getting my promotion stuff ready for book one. Should I be *making* time to find an agent?

  2. Do you feel that online book blogs are important in selling books to your target audience? How much marketing do you try and do?

    On that same vein, how do you feel about book signings? Are they relevant or do they not reach as many people as online marketing does?

  3. i'd love to know what event you participated in, whether that was a book launch party, serving on a panel at a conference, or something else entirely, to promote your book that you felt was most worthwhile in terms of marketing your book and perhaps connecting with others in the publishing world. i'd also love to hear ideas for book launch parties that make them unique. while i'm thinking about this, i'd love also to know about experiences with independent bookstores and what the best ways are for developing relationships with them.

    although i am a member of the wonderful class of 2k9, this seemed like a great opportunity to gather more of the group's wisdom!

    thanks dear friends!

    susan fine

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